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เวลาปล่อย:2022-09-20 23:39

I wish u all WBG members and friends,

Good luck u all in the year to come!!!

I will be here on Xfire at 31 of december so we will be talking at 24:00:D

Ok so.. im starting to develop new ways to make this clan heard, trough many ways, and its not the website!

Speaking of website i made new group for recruits if a recruit comes i put him as a WBG recruit.. now we dont have any so its ok!

Ok lets get to business. So speaking of ways to get the clan promoted its through vids poosted on different websites including YT(YouTube).

I have a romanian m8 from another clan wich gived me a special .cfg and some programs wich increases the vids quality.

Here is a problem... u see the .cfg works only on v1.51 so we will make a vid on that version...

IDK when we will make this thing but i will post on forum more details as they come...

We will make this vid when MJ comes back...

Another way.. speaking of YT.. is making an YT Channel an WBG official channel... here is my speciality:D i will make this:D let this in my hands:D:P

Dont look at the site because its still poor of interesting things!!!

Its work in progress.. wtf can u say about a site made in 2 days, in a hurry... and stiill i had no experience in HTML or site building shit!

Still finding ways to get it better!

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